JAXA and Toyota can collaborate further on space exploration; the implementation of the future shield movement; fuel cell vehicles


The Japan Air Search Research Group (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) are considering the potential for further collaboration on international destination research. As a first step, JAXA and Toyota have agreed on an approach to increase the collaboration and accelerate the ongoing investigation by removing a controlled carrier shifting through emphasis on use. and use fuel fuel cell technologies.


Such a move is considered necessary for human research activities on the moon surface. Even with the energy limit of the moon that could be brought to the moon, a range of cruises over 10,000 km (6,214 miles) moved at speed.

The international space research communities are located on the moon and Mars. To achieve the aims of the research, it is essential that the coordination of robotic measures, such as the recent trip to the Hayabusa2 asteroid test on the asteroid Ryugu, and human missions, is coordinated. the ones that introduce people who use tight rotors to run activities on their moon. .


When it comes to challenging campaigns such as protests or Martian research, different countries are competing in the promotion of their technology, while taking forward the collaborative work.

At JAXA, we are continuing with international co-ordination and technology learning regarding Japan's involvement in international space research. We aim to build on key Japanese technologies that could impact on newer benefits. Toyota's association with us on the challenges of international space exploration will greatly strengthen our confidence.

Ritual ropes with huts are pressed as part of the process of examining and surface-using the surface of the moon. For this, we would like to focus our technological capabilities in the country and to do technological research. Through our ongoing investigations, we would like to use Toyota's technical capabilities to move to a move, and we are looking forward to the acceleration of our technology work to produce a pressurized mobility machine.

– President JAXA Hiroshi Yamakawa

The vehicle industry has been doing business a long time ago with its own town-town concepts and a rural 'country very much in mind. But, from now on, by answering issues such as environmental questions of the world scale, the 'home plan' concept, from which we all come, is a very important concept.

Spanning the frameworks of countries or regions, I believe our business, which always thinks about where it should fulfill, shares the same aspirations for space exploration between t National. In addition, cars are used in all parts of Earth and, in some areas, cars play as partners to make sure people live back. And I think coming back is just what is needed in this project. I am very pleased, for this project, that what is expected is being addressed by a significantly developed and innovative Toyota system.

—Toyota President Akio Toyoda


JAXA explores different situations as well as the technologies that will be applied to specific campaigns. Pressed pressure seamen will be an important element supporting a human complaints investigation which will be held in the 2030s by the JAXA journals; he is aiming to launch such a place in 2029, said Vice-President JAXA Koichi Wakata.

Lunar is a sixth of that on Earth. At the same time, the moon has a complex environment with clay, rocks, and hills. In addition, it is open to radiation and thermal temperatures that are much harder than those on Earth, as well as a high water environment. To carry out a wide-ranging survey of the moon, it is essential that there is a massive rope that can travel over 10,000 km in these habitats. The idea of ​​Toyota's Space Movement movement meets the requirements of that purpose. Toyota and JAXA have been exploring the mobile pressing context, with a focus on May 2018.

So far, our shared learning has explored a concept for a system that is overcrowded with so many people having to overcome the technological challenges. Ongoing, we want to use Toyota and JAXA technology, amongst others, to resolve these issues on an ongoing basis.

International space exploration is a challenge to influence the unknown. To take that challenge, we believe it is important to build on the nation's technological capabilities and to act as ‘Team Japan '. Through our partnership with Toyota as a starting point, we can further develop the Team Japan resources to continue international exploration of space.

—Koichi Wakata

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