Jaya to the animation film to promote


<img class = "jwMediaContent alignleft image" title = "Jaya Ahsan" section = "Jaya Ahsan" itemprop = "statue" data-jadewitsmedia = "" & '869236'; '' Name: 'jaya ahsan', 'caption': ',' path '; media / 2017/06/11 /7157feeea35c7c828a5e763541c1c035-593d04f388cfd.jpg; '' Ext: '' jpg ',' type '; for paper: & # 39; according to the Gaelic /2017/06/11/7157feeea35c7c828a5e763541c1c035-593d04f388cfd.jpg&#39 ;,&#39,pushClass&#39 ;:&#39;jwMediaContent&#39 ;, & # 39; 'Tonight # 39 :: according to; , 'Target', 'title:'; Jaya Ahsan 's; 'section; jaya ahsan ') "width =" 340 "src =" https://paloimages.prothom-alo.com/contents/cache / images / 340x0x1 / uploads / media / 2017/06/11 / 7157feeea35c7c828a5e763541c1c035-593d04f388cfd. jpg "" The audience is praised as performer Jaya Ahsan, how much she enjoys the country's audience, just as outside the country. If he finds drama, film and song he praises his creator and shares his own ideas on his Facebook page and also encourages the young actor of the country, Wahid Ibn Razer, the recommendation to recommend animation. She is also part of her animated film. Jaya Ahsan has welcomed the voice offer in Seventy's One-Anne Untold Story of Anon War.

Wahid ibn Reza is an animation of the story of freedom war. He said, “The film is making a real story. Because it was written from the story of his father's life, this photograph is really important to me. The illustration depicts the story of two Drub and Akku friends, who survived many rumors about the war of freedom, and who were introduced to the war.

Jaya said, "No animation pictures were created in our country in the context of the Wars of Independence. This is a very good initiative. I saw the photograph trailer. So I enjoyed offering a voice to have a picture like this. T I'll always see the new people, I enjoy it, and I was encouraged to do this job in the film and encourage it.

This short film 'Surviving Seventy One-Anne Untold Story of Anon An Evening', as well as Jaya Ahsan, Meher Afroz Shaon, Tuhin Tanzeer, Gausul Alam Shaon, Samir Ahsan, Anik Khan and Waheed ibn Reza voice. Meanwhile, the work to take over Meher Afroz Shaon's voice. All voices are expected to be adopted in August. As well as this, he is the vocalist in the largest Teaser of Sarwar Farooqi's sofa, Arif R Hossain, Sadat Hossain and Kazi Pial.
The film will be Surviving 71; was released in March 2020. The heat was released on 25 March.

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