It seems like a murder of three times and how he is killed. According to German media statements, a jealous man made a murder. 38 years old Stefan It seems that his 25-year-old wife was killed by a sharp thing Aniko and her 43-year-old friend, and then she killed only four weeks of age Maximilian and you will own their own judgment.

Stefan and Anika section up two months ago, four weeks before his son was born, Germanic Bild reports. Stephan did not keep spending the cost, but a few days ago his hands were dirty with blood. It is not known why the millennium still exists, but the neighbors later said that the argument was heard on Saturday night in the room, and then everything went out suddenly. However, police officers told the corpses yesterday when they were informed by Stefan colleagues. He said he was a reliable employee, so they were worried because he had not been in service for two days. Then the police were knocked down on the room door where Stefan was still recorded as a permanent resident, but he was not now in a position; stay there since leaving each other. "It was very bloody. We do not realize the ability to use a kitchen knife like a deadly weapon," the vision was explained by the procurator. Little Maximilian and Stefan are said to have died after their first information as a result of single-oxid carbon tipping.

It is not yet clear what the relationship between Aniko and the 43-year-old was found on the body, but, according to one of his friends, she only gave a friendly shoulder, She needed to cost, and not I would have been in love relationship.