Jean-Michel Aulas who is interested in Olivier Giroud


In an interview with FigaroJean-Michel Aulas took stock of the club's hot stuff, OL. In particular, Olivier Giroud was questioned, who tried to introduce summer in summer, and for he could go back to attack in six months …

"I felt it had come through the summer and I did not even get Arsene Wenger for more information, a boy knows Gerard Houllier too. We talked about when I'm in Moscow with the French team during the World Cup. It's not possible to do things, for it. Today we have a well-equipped attack line. If someone left in front The longest, it may be of interest, especially since we have a different image from our players. In the summer, I'm sure Giroud is interested in me before , it seems that it's a bit short for this winter. We do not get the attack stacking, especially since we have a real team. After that, we need to see the coach which will be at this time of season, but I like the boy. He is a good man ", he launched the president of Olympique Lyonnais.

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