Jeddah lives in Formula One Town – the road to Al-Deraiya this weekend


Jeddah lives in Formula One Town - the road to Al-Deraiya this weekend

1 minute post – 7:11 pm, November 18, 2018

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Jeddah's home ends on the weekend from 22 to 24 November 2018, the "Formula I Village Road to Al-Deraiya", which aims to experience the huge race habitat that has expected ("Saudi Arabia"
(Formula E – Deraiya), the opening season of the fifth season of the Formula One race, which will be held by the Kingdom from 13-15 December.
The Jeddah Corner will host the town, with the aim of being & # 39; attracting people interested in sport and motorists in special cultural and cultural expertise in the United Kingdom, which was held last year at Al Khobar New Corner with 6,000 people over three days.
The event allows the public to learn about the race as a whole, get the full information about the event and a wide range of cultural and entertaining activities aimed at consolidating sustainability, one of the most important objectives in Vision na Rìoghachd 2030, The Town provides a unique experience for visitors, including acting and technology, such as Formula 1 driving specialist, which allows visitors to have their leadership talents and control ability on & # 39; Formula controller wheel E, which includes visitors to future technology and taking them on a full-time reward and challenge trip, as well as electronic power bicycles for fitness fans, as as well as the ABP Formula One – The Road to Diriyah, an electronic sports competition suitable for the Jeddah winners to Druze's final competitions, To win a competition with the Al Khobar winners, Riyadh and the website, to win valuable prizes by SR 1 million.
The race is the first of the new season in the One World Formula Championship, the application of a strategic partnership between the International Automobile Federation and the Common Authority for Sport, ten years ahead, where the event is full, including the race and related activities, and it is expected that it will be a special event. It has been pronounced in memory of the big Saudi and a majority coming from outside the United Kingdom to follow the race.
For more information about the Formula One Saudi race and events and tickets schedule, visit the event page at

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