Jeddah Municipality reveals the amount of vacancies available on the contracting system


Citizen – Jeddah

Jeddah Municipality names that the contracting system has several vacancies to work with the following names (Database Manager, Programmer and GIS Programmer). The application is now available on Sunday 1440/03 / 10H and completed at the end of Thursday 1440 / 03/14 e, depending on the rest of the information described below. low.

1- Database Manager (for women):
– 5 years experience in dealing with databases (Oracle).
– Knowledge of maintaining computers and networks.

2- Programmer (for women):
5 year experience in application programs (Visual Basic, VB.NET).
– You must also have the following certificates (Oracle PRO DBA), Microsoft Office programs.

3- Geological Information Systems Programmer (Women):
At least 5 years of experience in GIS monitoring and programming and using VB.NET, Visual spirit and vitality.

Date of application:
The application is now available from the Sunday 1440/03 / 10H and continues until the end of Thursday 1440/03 / 14H.

Method of application: through the following link (click here).

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