Jeff Bezos at Steve Carell Trolls Trump on SNL: & # 39; I'm Literally 100x Richer & # 39;


With the news this week, Amazon will build its headquarters in New York and Washington, D.C., Saturday Night Live He gave a special message to spectators from the Director Jeff Bezos, as played by the hospitality Steve Carell.

"Everyone, except for the people who live there and the people who live in all the places we have not chosen, are delighted, "said Bezos about the publication. "Some people have been thinking that President Trump was in some way to build one of the Queen's real estate headquarters. and the other in his home in Washington, DC, so disturbing or disturbing him. But that's not really true. "

"Surely, it sometimes attacked me on Twitter," continued as Trump's tweets appeared on the screen around it. "But I chose the new places because they were good to expand business, not only to make Donald Trump think about how to literally 100 better than it is."

Then, in response to Trump assaults on the way Amazon uses US postal services, Bezos has become the latest innovative service of the company: "Amazon Caravan."

"Hundreds of Honduran and Mexican immigrants will receive any packages that go to any Trump building and I will raise the bill," he explained. "Unless you order Art of the Deal, because that costs spending more, because it is heavier. I think this is the same book with four Chapters 11s. "

Finally, Bezos noted that the new location in Virginia near to the Arlington National Cemetery so that Amazon will respect the elderly soldiers who have fallen, even when it is & # 39; outdoors. "

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