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Intermediate – Jeff Bezos, the founder and original in Amazon, and from 2013, the Washington Post newspaper owner, has been involved in a strange screwdriver; breaking, which seems to be affecting the top of American politics. However, the content of the affair itself – if it does, usually – clearly reflects the spirit of the time in which the US is located. And if you have eyes open for the last few years, it seems that a rest is not far away.

This started all a week ago when Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, quickly published a divorce, just before the National Investigator's share – by Media Media Inc .. no. AMI – published a hot story about the romance between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez's TV host. The second Bezos encouraged to launch a private inquiry into Enquirer's humorous habits, in particular, as taken to pictures and private messages between the two pigeons, which would indicate them as evidence for the story . Indeed, Becos believes that the White House is all involved, since David Pecker, Acting Director AMI, is a good friend of Donald Trump, who in their fragments often Washington Post, Amazon and, indeed, their owner.

Most of them went to a & # 39; Burning case with the blog post of Becos, which was released on the last Thursday in Central Midlands, where he distributed letters between AMI and its colleagues, all of whom were on the booklet just for & # 39; fight. The title "No, thank you, Mr. Pecker", and the content is shows that AMI has informed Bezos that he has a lot of handsome and Sanchez pictures that he intends to publish, unless he is ready to stop the course of the research that has been announced. Bezos also commented on her & # 39; linked to Saudi Arabia, how Washington Post regularly published stories about the friendly relationships between Trump and the sovereignty of the kingdom, despite being well established to be involved in murder brutal Jamal Khashoggy.

The National Representative and their parent company may themselves be in an uncomfortable situation and, according to auditors, they may be in criminal cases. The case now is handled by their lawyers, who say that not only business transactions have been made; there. Everything together, it is more likely to move around the query, or worth photography and messages between Bezos and Sanchez in editorial messengers. "Newsworthy", as they say there. In this case, the media needed to be printed, but not to # 39; come into the public according to their own benefit. Even this: b & # 39; He was a brother of Sanchez in Enquirer, who works as a PR-Guy and is in good relationships with Trump and David Pecker. But AMI did not have this lawyer for confirmation in the TV show today.

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