Jelle Van Damme, who was attacked by Lamkel Zé, talks about the event – every football.


Jelle Van Damme it was quite different from his co-ordinator Didier Lamkel Zé, who was dismissed for control purposes. "It was a voluntary blow," confirms the defender of the Antwerp Nephews.

"The ball was completely at the other end of the field, you don't do that in training, no, I never did in his job," explained Van Damme. Then the tone is put up and Van Damme now has a hard black eye. "What he did was that there was full respect and that says enough about him."

"Co-operative, anything else"

The 22-year-old Cameroonian is now cold with the old Rouche. "Now it is no longer my colleague, I am professional enough to distinguish between private and professional," said Van Damme. "I'll do my work"

Laszlo Boloni also spoke about the issue. "It was an aggressive attack, but Van Damme responded as a good professional, I hope Lamkel Ze learns to take him."

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