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Followers have been cited by fans of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans, on November 18, 18 after receiving supportive comments in response to David Eason's controversial Instagram points Showing him to be a banner with him.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, 26, disrupting fans when it gave time to & # 39; her pleasure David Eason, 30, after instigating very controversial Instagram points of himself on the top of the Grand Canyon's hosting and hosting. using a shared banner. "Just add my flag in every 50 states! #Merica #rebel," David quarted his pictures. It did not take long for Jenelle to respond. "Lmao you have to post that video," write her reply, saying he made a video movie that could resemble the pictures.

The musicians asked Jenelle for the light words she had; her topic was so fragile. "How sick do you support a cousin," write one person. "Why are you drawing a flag that represents hate in 2018?" Another man asked. Others said they believed in David's activities. "Yikes, I'm sure he's not a real person, and he does everything he does and says he's not just a fake. But why does the 30s do somebody like this? "ask any follower.

David does not have any dispute and Jenie seems to be close, no matter what situation. Although it is likely that some fans believe it is; putting back special things, it is still causing others to disturb. Despite the awakening revival, this is not the case; The first time the realistic star made a goal to influence its & # 39; banner shared. Back in October he sent to Instagram to post his own icon with his flag with his title for rationalization. "Where I am and I and my family are fighting and fighting for this land. White and blue red will come in more than one pattern. Do not argue Just left on my page if you do not agree! Thanks @rednecknation #RHEC, "read its headquarters.

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It will be interesting to see what David does. share his social media in the future. We know that his idea is not scared even though many of his fans do not agree!

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