Jennifer Aniston: A woman without a child and children is incomplete or unhappy!


Why is much considered? Despite being a reputation for fifty days ago, she still has something to encourage younger women. She is suitable, teenager not only with respect but also with a view. She says she is "happy with everything," and that other women want the same thing.

Seal Rachel

It's just clear evidence that age is just a number. She still works as Rachel we saw from friends. The radiation, fitness mode and good scenes are not the only thing that fans enjoy. She has a lot of attitudes for her attitude and way of life.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow

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Blushing is unpleasant

His actress is also famous for relationships with celebrities who have been in a position; split and constantly break media. She completely destroyed everything about the life of her love and truths of being pregnant with a child.

In 2005, he was split by Brad Pitt:

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And in 2017 he was separated from his last man, Justin Theroux:

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Despite being & # 39; Having a little knowledge of the zodiac and abuse, it is still well-designed. "What's happening? I have a great job. I have a big family. I have big friends. I have no reason to otherwise feel," said in an Elle magazine interview.

Women's defender

Many agents have been successful for standing strong for their own expressions and ideas, but has no problem with her; stand up for other women.

In 2018 for Elle Magazine, she said "the use of marriage and children in recognition of the highest level of happiness of a woman is just another way of destroying successful women."

Two years ago, she wrote to the Huffington post, who answered the common beliefs that a woman is a home and a child.

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Without people and children, we are not incomplete or unhappy

In one answer, she had misunderstandings from the media she thought she had been in & # 39; trying to find out if she is pregnant or not and find out when she is pregnant with a child.

She said that "women without men and children were incomplete, unsuccessful or unhappy. Whether we are with or without a partner, with a child or without ourselves, we will ; decide what's beautiful about us.

Not only is this decision. We will make this decision to us and to the young women in this world who are doing this. look for us for example. "

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Fitness and healthy diet

There is no doubt that Jennifer is in a big and new relationship. A polite approach has always been an important part of life in the life of a well-known actor. Medieval does not mean that they are willing to passing, but just the face.

Women who exercise and eat well in this age talk about the next thirty years. It's probably like a year like this:

Only last year has its "search" box and does not allow it. She says that this is the only training she spent in the long run. The reason?

A brain must work on the case without being remote, like to #; new bike driving. In addition to yoga and boxing for regular training, spinning too.

And what about food? Although many famous women are given in a variety of wild foods, Jennifer is a long-term credit in eating habits. Her diet is rich in protein, vegetables and poor fruit.

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