Jennifer Lopez is publishing pictures of her marriage proposal on Instagram


A few days after the nomination of Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez decided to submit the pictures of the application!

A few days ago, Jennifer Lopez told that her companion Alex Rodriguez was praised in marriage. The singer accepted her application and today she is publishing the pictures on Instagram!

Jennifer Lopez publishes pictures of her marriage request to Instagram

After two years of affair, Alex Rodriguez decided to marry Jennifer Lopez. If that is not known about her request, the singer has published all the information on her Instagram account.

The establishment of Alex Rodriguez's marriage recommendation is very good. He wanted to hand his hand which gave the singer to the edge of a beautiful beach at sunset. Then he looked at Jennifer Lopez in the eye, he made knees on the sand and demanded with a beautiful ring in his hand. The pictures on Instagram are outstanding. This moment will always be for life and the singer will remember it for a long time on 9 March, 2019.

And to make this request, Alex Rodriguez was helped by a famous American animator.

Ellen DeGeneres: she helped Alex Rodriguez recommend to get married!

Ellen DeGeneres believes she has "raised" to Alex Rodriguez to use for Jennifer Lopez. She also made fun of her, even though she did not want to "get credit" for being involved. She would like to remind everyone that she had offered a clock to JLO. This was the last time the singer performed so that she would remind the person that “time has gone by well”. She also recognized him at the time "Give the gift. It is a clock, especially to remember that time is passing. And that he should also try to apply!"

The innkeeper has also been named in the publication of Instagram listing their interest. Play Ellen DeGeneres the set of its exhibition on Tuesday, March 11, 2019 "I don't want all the credit to be given. But I gave the help he needed for Rod … I did that. I think that is the reason he has sent us. T Jennifer Lopez I also have the picture. I'm sure that's the reason. "

Ellen DeGeneres is also very proud to have taken part in a marriage ceremony with Jennifer Lopez.