Jennifer Lopez said airplane: A fourth wedding is not planned … So far!


"Together with our children, work and the amazing things that are happening, we are very much aware of the happiest years, we are very grateful and we do not have to change anything at the At this time, we need to do things at the same time, I think I understand their marriage needs more than just love and co home-based, and in my case, my greatest responsibility is to ensure that I create the best home as a mother, which means that You need someone who understands you and understands how well, " she said.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was released in 1999 with On The 6th album. The second studio, J.Lo (2001), was the first album of American American Billboard 200, the following albums of This Is Me … Then (2002) and Rebirth (2005). Since then, she has released four additional studios – Como Ama una Mujer (2007), Brave (2007), Love? (2011) and A.K.A. (2014).

As an actress, she appeared in films such as Jack (1996), Selena (1997), Anakond (1997), Banned Result (1998), Cela (2000), Policajtka (2001)), Sufficient! (2005), The Deathly Hallows (2005), The Plan Suggested (2010), How to Get Out and Mistletoe (2012), Parker (2013), and Boy Down (2015). Ojani Noah, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony, a 10-year-old couple, Maximilian and Emme, her husband.

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