Jenny Greene leaves 2FM with his heart;


RTÉ 2FM presenter, Jenny Greene, has said she is leaving "the heavy heart" after Tuesday has announced that it will change the change in the morning.

From June 10 Jennifer Zamparelli takes over the slot 10:00 – 1:00 pm, which was home to the Greene exhibition being hosted by Nicky Byrne. He leaves 2FM to return to a reunited Westlife.

Writing on social media, Greene said: "It is a very heavy heart that I decided to give a blessing with 2FM, 12 years later. [former Head of 2FM] John Clarke gave me the opportunity to give my own performance on a Friday night. Shortly after that [producer] John Wilson has given me a shot and was given a show on Saturday night and gave me the freedom to create my brand and my own vision There's a 39; Electronic disco. I cannot thank him enough for his inward credit.

"The Electric Disco I have provided myself with a platform for my first love, which will always be a game. The success of the show has lead to the publication of a program, a tour across the country, an Australian tour in 2013 and recently I have had the opportunity to showcase these routes live, with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

"When [current Head of 2FM] Dan Healy expressed the idea of ​​working with Nicky Byrne in 2014 and that it had never been a million years before I thought such a character would be so successful or that friends will find supporting me and the air. He is my rock. "

Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne are exhibited together for five years

After the occasions at which she got at 2FM, Greene ended by saying: “After starting the evening in the evening and going on to a very successful day display, you don't feel that the right decision is for me and personally.

“I want to thank the faithful listeners who listened every day to 2FM and those who helped me on the way in RTÉ, you know who you are. Announcing the late one, Terry Wogan, & # 39; there is no right time to leave something you enjoy, but you might have a bad time if you hang too long. # 39;

Byrne's hospitality welcomed him that Greene was "just the best thing".

"I will miss 2MM very much, especially Jenny with her radio wisdom, the steel nerves and the funny sense of humor," he wrote.

"I can't ask that a better captain would be learning under," he said, "Greene" taught me a lot through the years ".

Responding to Byrne and Greene, Chief Executive 2FM, Dan Healy, said: "Nicky and Jenny have been a big part of 2FM over the last five years and have been a key part of social interaction. T amend the 2FM brand to this day and would like to thank them for providing five years of giant radio.

“I wish Nicky the best when he returns across the world with Westlife and Jenny the very best in her future efforts. "

2FM said that Greene will be leaving like that as part of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra's previously recorded exhibitions this summer.

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