Jenny Sushi and her solicitor want to have the permission of Kubrat Pulev (VIDEO) to be removed.


Jennifer Ravallo and her solicitor Gloria older passed a press conference saying they want a full investigation of the marriage case brought by Kubrat Pulev to the American reporter after that. win over Bogdan Dinu in the Costa Mesa.

Allred, who is 77 years old, has been involved in such cases from the mid-1980s as a result. T remove Cobra's software license immediately: “We want Mr's box license. Remove pulev. We also want the Sport Commission to promote this event and transport Pulev on its agenda for the next one. meeting on 14 May, and Mrs Jenny Ravallo can give evidence. They must impose appropriate punishment. Fragment of a penalty would be difficult. They should send a message to others. "

When asked if there was a legal case, Allard said that her attention is now entirely focused on applications to the committee.

Her client says that Kubrat not only kissed her, but he also let her take her legs. So, according to Sushi, asked that the kiss be cut video about the Rawalo – Vegas Sports Daily.

At the press conference, the reporter and her lawyer that is defined as a Kubrat approach to “flying”..

Ravallo confirmed our funnel's words that they had met the weight of the day before playing with Dinu. She says that she asked for an interview, and agreed.

"We interviewed the match before, and on the following day, 23 March, after the match between Kubrat and Bogdan Dinu I asked for a pulev for an interview and he said, we did the interview at the back of the room. in the room. I pushed my face and kissed me, I was horrified, and I was ashamed, I didn't know how I replied, "said Rawalo.

“Then I went to the table to collect my belongings and go out of my bag and I caught my back and caught them with my hands and walked out without saying anything and laugh. and that it was disappointing that Kubrat Pulev gave me experience in a professional way " t

Ravallo confirmed the pulev words that she had been at the celebration after the success. The words, she is invited by a friend and saw the possibility of interviewing other boxes.

However, according to the Pulevi brothers, she did not maintain her professional duties but showed strong affinity with other people present in the party.

"Mr Pulev didn't take part until the end of the afternoon when he came, he carried him like nothing had happened, but later the party asked me to take the kiss out of him." The interview instead of being publicized because I wanted people to see what I was doing was, that I didn't want to get away from my attack which I was made in “Women are so impressed by Mr Pulev that we are not friends and we have no romantic friendship, he shouldn't have been to kiss them,” said Rawalo.

Follow Lawyer Allrad forward: "He must ask permission to give her her kiss on the lips, but it is a changey thing, the woman has the right to say that she wasn't in work, it is destructive, there are women there. displaying such a box should be respected. "

In the USA, Allred is one of the main candidates for women's rights. She has been a solicitor in one of the actors who challenged producer Harvey Weinstein about sexual harassment.

She was also accused of rape by Bill Cosby. She was also a solicitor charged with Donald Trump before becoming president of the United States. Allright has been involved in court cases such as Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy and Tiger Woods.

Full conference Jennifer Rawalo and Solicitor Gloria Allred:

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