Jessika's Power Shooting Silence on Mike Gunner Rubbing rumor


Jessika Power, the deceitful creature from him Married by First Sight who is involved in the scandal of that entire sheer, talking about the sound that she has written off t Mike Gunner.

Some votes say it is “Contacts with” none of the MAFS editors wrote to the administrator of the support account MAFS funny and Happened Power of dirty activity.

“FUNDS AGAINST. You will love this. My friend is one of the mate's editors and she told me about a month ago Jess and Mike slept together on the show so that they work in order to make sure that they're in need to be sure.

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Jessika wrote to the administrator and did not get rid of rumors clearly.

'Like anyone, they'll tie them to anyone, I wish,' she wrote. “I would not inform that old man [Mike] even if it was the last dick that was tightened on it; planet! ”

It's coming to an end, 'That would be one of my youngest brothers sleeping with my father's father. Grain. ”

On the exhibition, Jessika beat a farmer Mick Gould before he set up a controversial trade for him Daniel Webb, as long as Mike is still Heidi Latcham, the chick it began.

Michael and his missus OG, Heidi

Power and Gunner have found the beef available from the start of the series and the complaint is that they are so excited about not sleeping together as the filming was taking place.

Speaking to him 9And then Thursday on their most recent argument, Jessika said: t 'I can't help it. Mike just turns the wrong way and I bite. ”

Bite, you say?

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