"Jesus Alberto was still with him as he was attacking him:" relatives


The constant clashes between Jesus Alberto Sánchez Pallares, 24, and Geany David Fontalvo Orozco, 29, the worst of all, at 7:45 am on Tuesday morning, when they met at the 53rd race with 70th street, the neighborhood of El Prado, near a career center which operated both.

Fontalvo Orozco announced that Sanchez Pallares is different and without thinking he gave him two stable blocks in the abdomen, as recorded by a security camera in the region. A victim of the attack died on treatment at the Northside General Clinic, which was a medical center the victim was committed to after a suicide attempt.

Metropolitan Barranquilla Police (Mebar) have convinced the purpose of keeping up is passionate.

The dead man's mother said that he was the last of an attack on Fontalvo in a Sanchez attack.

I had hit it. T

Jesús Alberto Sánchez's mother, Ledis Pallares García, told EL HERALDO that he was fully aware of the relationship his son had with Geany David Fontalvo, who had seen him as a fit person, though a couple had special difficulties.

"It was a lively man, indeed, my son was thrown out of the house for he always was in danger. David told the Sunday house and struck my son, he said to me t police, but I didn't do this to avoid murder, "said Ledis, who raised Jesus – the only son – as a single mother for 20 years after that. her husband died in a traffic accident.

This couple lived for a time in the resident residence of los Manantiales, in the El Manantial (Soledad) community, in the house Jesus paid his mother a year ago. But the relationship came to an end and Geany was forced to move.

"He did not want my son to have friends, he always threatened him. With Jesus I joined David because he had been in danger, but my son even said he was said he was sorrowful, "said Led, showing that the couple were nearly eight years of love.


Jesús Alberto Sánchez Pallares was one of the very strong practices.

He rose every day at 6am and half an hour after he gave his mother farewell to work, where he left it in board at 6 pm to reach the Atlantic University, where he studied the final year of the law.

"On Tuesday, when I was ironing my tenure, I was having breakfast with the little egg with bread that it enjoyed so much. I could prepare anything for it, but that's the same thing. He ate, "remembered Ledis." "He will leave work, I gave him the blessing."

Then they called me to tell me that they had thrown it, and then confirmed that it was dead. "

Jesus grew up in the neighborhood of San José, a year ago, he lived in El Manantial with his mother. She graduated from Nueva Granada School and later studied in the chain's commercial operations program, which gave her the chance to work in a telephone center collection department.

Louise calls for the justice authorities to protect his son's crime.

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