"Jesus Survival" won the 2018 Steam annual game, which completes the complete list of completion 4Gamers


The 2018 Steam Awards winners are totally distributed, and Jedi Survival delivered the GOTY Awards to deliver beautiful transcripts for the past year.

The successful list is not expected last year. "Witcher 3", "Iridian No. 6: Siege", "Assassin's Dogma: Odyssey" are all listed. Among them, the "sweet cattle" that won "Grand Theft Auto 5" is desirable (the game has been sold for many years, and new content is still being added).

Below is a full list of Steam 2018 awards and shortlist …

Game of the Year

Achieve: "Playerunknown Player" s "

"Hunter Monster: World"
"Kingdom Come: Freedom"
Mission of Mission 2 (Hitman 2)
Odyssey Creass Assassin

Annual Year of the Year

Achieve: "The Old V Rules: Skyrim VR"

Beat Saber
"Dull 4 VR" (Fallout 4 VR)
Superhot VR

Labor on Love

Achieve: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

Dote 2
Sky Sky (no deeper)
The Way of Examples
Stardew Valley

Best Environment (Best Environment) Game

Benefiting: "The Witcher 3: Hunt Hunt"

"Tomb Raider's Cave"
"Far Cry 5"
Icon for Dark Souls III

Improved music is better than Friends

To win: "Tom Clancy's Old Bow Bow"

"Extreme Force: Global Offensive" (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
"Day 2" (Day 2)
Dead by Daylight (Dawn Dead Line)
"Prohibition! 2" (excavated! 2)

The Best Other History (The Other History)

Benefiting: Odyssey Creed Asas

"German Heads 2: The New Colossus" (Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus)
Iron IV Heart
"Sid Meier Civilization Sect"
"Rest of the 4" dust (Fallout 4)

Applicants for most gadgets by sports

Winning: League Rocket (League Rocket)

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Niall: Automata
"Star Family Factory" (Factorio)
Spanish Engineers

Best Developer (Naming for Best Improvement)

Benefits: CD Projekt Red

Rockstar Games
Digital Extremes Ltd.
Enix Square
Interactive Paradox
Bandai Namwon Entertainment Bandai Namco Entertainment

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