Jesus will teach in a training course and his / her; praises his team captain


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Al-Hilal Choach Jesus gave a talk on training in the continuing education program led by the committee Technical Union

Saudi Arabia Football.

This came to Prince Faisal bin Fahad Al-Oulami in Riyadh Saudi Trainers.

Jesus spoke to Saudi trainees who participated in the lecture about his approach Training and technical guidance, and his experience in the Saudi league

Le Al Hilal Club.

He explained how he would organize the training unit, important moments in the game, and how it works with the players to reach the highest professional levels within the stadium.

Al-Hilal Jesus coach, who gave the fifth lecture in the continuing education program, reviewed what he had overseas experienced by a number of international clubs And European.

He named the problems he had and how they should overcome them, and he said: The player

Saudi Arabia Greater respect for the coach than the European player.

A technical committee has a & n; seek through this step to support trainees

Saudis Academically and in the field, to balance the balance of working in European clubs

And global, And make the most of foreign trainers

In the league Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, Mr Georges Jesus praised the team leader

Crescent Mohammed Shalhoub says he will be a big coach "

It is worth saying that the famous star Mohammed Al Shalhoub has a sports academy "Chalhoub United"

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