Jet Airways stock can see its & # 39; profit after 41.13% increase in four days


The Jet Airways stock in today's trade fell after a profit with traders following the four-day lamb. Keeping out that Tata's group was buying a ferry company. At 10:37 m, stock trading was 7.35% lower at 321.35 at its rate; BSE compared to almost 346.85. The stock opened at 6.59% loss and affected a low transfer of Rs 303.25 (-12.57%).

The stock has a small loss of 53.30% in the last year and 61.22% has fallen since the beginning of this year. The stock received 41.13% in the last four sessions. The stock exceeds its & # 39; average 50 day day move and 200 days of 216.13 and 311.87. On Friday, the stock rises up to 14% before the Tata Sons board came out where it was considered; plan to buy out and travel led by Naresh Goyal.

After a five-hour meeting of a marathon meeting, Tata Sons said "Over the last few days there has been an increasingly accurate estimate of Jet Airways's interest in Jet Airways. Let us clarify that any such debates (to get Jet Airways) have been pre-emptied and no demand made. "

On Thursday, the stock saw the biggest benefit ever growing 29.93% to 334.90 in reports reported that the Tata Group was susceptible to the behaviors who were experiencing the " struggle. The stock closed 24.52% or 63 higher points at 320.95 on its BSE.

Tata is proprietary and possessed. The implementation of two online companies in the country: Vistara's full-service vision, which is a partnership with Singapore Airlines and AirAsia, low cost ferries along with the Airdia Association of Bhd. The talks come as a combination of rising oil prices, weak rupee, low fares and a competitive place to find profit in the fastest growing market in the world, and that's a & # 39; Moving 20% ​​of annual passenger growth.

At the same time, he tells of the government to stop the Tatas to fly the air that is in the air. to fight social security media. An air executive officer refused the week on which the government was able to contract a contract; It could include sweeping lenders and other airplanes run by Naresh Goyal.

Showing that a & # 39; ministry "involved" in any such process at this point, RN Choubey's air secretary said "air ministry has not been involved in this process so far. So there is any question regarding shaking (with banks and other stakeholders) it does not rise. "Jet, set up by Naresh Goyal entrepreneur, is trying to pay to creditors, a & # 39; including planners and staff assistants, and its shared price and 70% share up to date this year.

Naresh Goyal has 51% of the airline and Etihad Airways holds 24 per cent. However, Jet Airways has recited Tata media media statements to do their best to do so; ferry company as "enjoyable". Jet Airways (India) said in connection with stock exchange transactions, "News is a natural subject and there is no debate or decision in the table that has to be published."

In particular, the senior chief executive and financial chief executive Amit Aggarwal, in the post-name job analysts also gave the middle reports and said that the company did not mention if there was nothing do it. The airline company reported that there was a 1,261 crore chart for the finalization of its quarter in September

However, a loss of £ 1,323 lost in the first quarter of the current contributor was lost. There was a 59 per cent higher fuel costs, resulting from a fall of royalty-makers that spiked a seventeen spike in the forex loss of £ 1,261 loss of crack for the air in the second.

He had posted a 71 crore net profit in the last fiscal period. The air service that is linked to the money, which says that investors overwhelm the burden of slaughter, say that the fuel bill dropped 58.6 per cent to the branch 2,419.76 of a mast in a & # 39; quarter. In the last year, he spent £ 1,525.66 in fuel cost. There was another relief. in the forex loss, jumping longer than six times to crack Rs 416.69 from the $ 72.99 pound in the last year. However, the airline's name increased by 9.50% in net sales to 6,161.15 crore of excess in C2 compared to the sale of 5,526.61 of trees in the; Fourth match of the contributor. Net sales in C1 of the current dictionary were £ 6,010. 46 crore.

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