Jewish community and control for Apartheid Israel free in Valdivia: "We believe justice has been made" | National


After the Comptroller broke vocal order Founder of the Valdivia Township, the first American Free Alliance in Latin America, was free from Israel's scaffold, The Jewish community in Chile values ​​its & # 39; decision.

The order also said that any attempt was denied ethnicity cleaning made by Israel in the Palestinian Domain of Palestine.

He also included the leadership review of co-operation agreements between Silenne Army and Israel, as the ambassador sent out of that country, and says that Valdivia was a victim. first town in Latin America. free from Israel's esclarean, avoiding from & # 39; employing any company connected to this case.

After checking the information, the Partner concluded that Valdivia's town has not changed to law, among other things, because of the fact that, there is a need for delivery equal treatment and discrimination, evaluated by the president of the Jewish Community of Chile, Shai Agosin Weisz.

"We believe that justice was made. Chile is a legal country that is seeking equality. This has influenced us as a community, "saying that it was also harmful to Valdivia when it included conflicts that do not belong to the truth of the area.

Pressure (Millibars)

For Shai Agosin, this sound goes over to the # 39; Jewish community, for example, for foreigners such as Haitian immigrants or generic minorities, who It can be extremely unique not to be employed in cities.

Pressure (Millibars)

From the Municipality of Valdivia it was reported that the sailor was Omar Sabat, click the order, I would not talk about it. Hardness to the efforts made by Radio Bío Bío, we can not comment on the failure of the Director.

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