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V hokejitohozailhodn. He has won world championships in iindividuln. Boil and records.

He knew 47 years of age.

On Friday, competitions are starting to begin. The first thing to do is to win a prize on the ice.


Jaromr Jgr of Kladno during the second play of the 1st league against Jihlav.

And Jgr is not the only image in eskho hockey, which is displayed in the south ghost of the two higher status cities. Just namtkou – Kladensk cooperative Plekanec, pardubick kapitn Rolinek, comutovsk kou Rika. Esk Budjovice is again stunky as Prospal.

Robert Sry's Look

VIEW: Pm pd from the agreed additional league. A gift (not just for Jgra)

Interestingly, in the earlier years, Jgr told an interview for iDNES.cz. According to the sale of lstk e ct, people go. It will be brilliant, tight, but worrying.

It is almost no matter how unfortunate it will be, the inner bar and the first series will follow the flight.
All pro-pro and the face. We're out of control against the bar. The somehow the system is quite interesting but economically. On the other hand, it's a bit daunting if I have a desire to put on for the world, a slant is a relatively high budget. When they are in, there is a daily escape, and in 횠 a those who opposed the competition and everybody changes. Go ahead, then prepare for the new season. Now, it is quite strange. Playing with a dvte visa. You are in the first league, but the barrel after the rest of the soup. He plays two bets in one year.

The great high-caliber team has one excellent owner of the team.
Aye, my choice and disagreements are.

Jack takes the additional league competitions – Chomutov and Pardubice?
He does not need her. I want to make sure that we respect the times.

And how do you feel about the darkness of Kladno?
We will be surprised. When we take the most power we have a strategy of mustva, we will be competitive and we will be. But that's the bar's opinion. If we are well, but we will lose, we will put in as achy.Pokm and we will see, it gives msc cells. Many things will change and change. Yes, indeed, they will all be the first time it is but it is going to be a long competition.

Can you do well? You finally doubt the first league.
I would not want my idea, my thoughts, my knowledge of the newspaper. It wasn't easy, but until the last time we didn't have a complete finish. I can be the best athlete in the world, but there will be changes throughout the year. You will not lose them when they make a decision. Individual athletes like top athletes once a year at the World Championships. Suitable for all. For a bit more, it's a little more. Zaprv wants to satisfy the girls, he calls for their full arrival, but on the other hand he thinks it will be the whole season. He cannot go. This is because you would wish a student or student to be aiming at every minute of the day. That's why there are circles around them (laughs).

Can Kladno get a playoff game to shape the nscale mscpo? T
My strategy. Or you may not get a strategy. Although we had gone down to the heart, I was thinking about what we are, how we need here, and what they are, when it all comes together. If so, there is a form of otz.

How about you? Are you ready to return to you in a day?
It's not a problem. Action is far away. Two in a two-day series two in a row. Besides the hill. On a malicious mist, I could drive, but a lot of the keyboard was on it. When we eat every other day or after two days of stopping it is best.

A bar will take out your purse on your head?
(peml) Again, be ready to play the game, for your play, to bring it back. Then it is. As for me, the matter is not just a role, we are considering other duties.

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