Jho Low's father must not have frozen RM48m


The government has executed a civil exchange operation for the freezing of seven bank accounts by the father of Jho Low Larry Low Hock Peng, said to be worth RM48 million.

according to Edge Marketsit is thought that the money the government is trying to freeze and recover from 1MDB.

“Three of the seven bank accounts are described as investment accounts.

"We believe that the money was imported from overseas companies which are said to have been hailed by Hock Peng Low Taek Jho (Jho Low)," said the source report as stated.

It was reported that the civil proxy application was registered today at the High Court of Lump Summit, under Section 56 of the Anti-Money Act, Mutiny Funding and Implications of Non-Legal Actions 2001.

Edge Markets they said this would allow the government to remove property without making a complaint.

It is expected that the court will set a date for managing cases one tomorrow or Monday, he said.

This continues on police custody A luxury country house at Penang earlier this week.

The fake businessman is convicted His family home has been made in the hands of Prime Minister Dr Mahaire Mohamad to scour the political points.

"The low-rise family building was built and completed about twenty years ago, during previous management of Mahathir. T

"This was more than ten years before 1MDB had ever been and at that time Mr Low was still a teenager," had a Low speaker, said after capture.

It was reported in January that police are also looking for Hock Peng and his wife Goh Gaik Ewe.

Last year Low and Hock Peng attended it will be put in absentia at Putrajaya Sessions Court about granting 1MDB money, and Low is facing eight bills of bad money when his father is charged.

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