"Jiagui 妃" charm Huo Jianhua is not enough to be Peng Yuxi's lover. Funny NOWnews today News


▲ Xin Yulei plays the evil singer in "Rugao Biography". (Fig / Wei Lai drama station)

In "Rugao Biography" the performance "Jiagui", Xin Shulei, is the person in the drama "the first beauty of her", "she said she hoped to sweep this person out, saying: "I'm not sorry to be!" As well as that, she made "Emergency Rescue" with Peng Yuxi, who plays Peng Yuxi's lover, and there are many funny fans.

"Jiaguiyu" in "Rugao Biography" is a recommendation from North Korea. Even though a beloved man is in his heart, he is willing to marry Daqing for the future of men. Xin Yulei said that this was his first beauty; and she felt embarrassed when she got the script. She asked the director to change the lines and said: "Lianhua is better than me, what can I call?" Even the beauty of Huo Jianhua is better than himself. After that, he is still saying "I am the first beauty" every day.

▲ The title "Xin Yulei" has its first beauty; old woman "in" Rugao Biography ". (Fig / Wei Lai drama station)

In the play, to awaken the emperor, she danced in front of the emperor. Xin Yulei said that there was no dance base at her, and that the body was not well coordinated. The listeners were also laughing at her; a dance movement and said she was in the bark, she let the "Xin Ramen". Nickname.

Xin Yulei recently received the new "Emergency Rescue" film. In the movie, Peng Yuxi had a lovely look. Lin Chaoxian Director trained the demons for their best impact. Here too is & # 39; The Xini Xilei exhibition needs to be spent first in uniform. It's really new. South West How did the director find her? Xin Yulei said: "The director may have followed the drama after. After reading" Rugao Biography ", I felt that I was very suited to the place in the movie! " "Ruo Biography" will be broadcast on Weilai Theater on November.

▲ Xin Yulei has collaborated with Peng Yuxi in the new drama. (Fig / Wei Lai drama station)

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