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On November 26, a big earthquake occurred 6 near the Taiwan Strait, and even Xiamen felt a strong sense of earthquake. Also on this day, the second model of Chery Holdings Jietu, the Jietu X70S, was launched.

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The new car is located as a "SUV Smart Brigade". It has launched 8 models of mobile and automatic power generation. It gives 6 colors of white glaciers, beach gold, blue, red volcanic aurora, orange orange and brown ground. There are 5, 6, and 5 +2 three seat arrangements, the price range is 7.69-12.79 million.


Chery Jietu promises that users who are able to do so. purchase of X70S can be fitted with a car network, which receives two-year free traffic, up to 6,000 yuan loan interest subsidies, renewable renewal of 2000 yuan, free-term road rescue, 10 years / 200,000 kilometers of length, six Great value for money.


Let me talk about some of the most important features of the new car. Motions set up seem to be dynamic in one; the boy who can be used in the shape of a star can show the movement and a great deal of fun; equipment with an interesting display screen 10.25-inch LCD LCD device 12.3-inch LCD, according to the interventions of young users; at present; The privacy glass. In terms of size of the group, the 4750mm car and 1910mm car width are in the highest position in the same class.


In terms of interesting arrangements, a new boot machine with a new car, selected by a boot machine or a PEPS mobile device, can be used without a start-up system. Approximately 360 degree parking, long-term vehicle status question, vehicle situation and systematic question. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a warning system that identifies blind spot carriage, manual modification support / back-to-back warning, alarm system; monitor counterfeit and other strategies to ensure driving safety.

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The new car continues with a 1.5T maximum power device of 147 cb and a high torch of 210 Nm, and match 5-speed manual or 8-speed handheld.

It is acknowledged that it is a new series; In Jietu, Chery Holding Group has been involved in the expansion of population expansion, the expansion of spending structure, the pursuit of leisure tourism and the youth target population to meet customer demand for quality life. Jietu established the position of the "Travel +" market.

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At the event, Mr Bao Siyu, general deputy manager Chery Holdings Group and general manager Jietu, the Jietu Travel + Cloud Platform, allowed users to take part in the five dimensions of Zhiyan, Zhizhi, Zhifa, Zhifu and Zhixing. In a whole life cycle of materials such as R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and car, we will; enjoy the life of a car.

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At this time, Jietu has built 1,398 networks to buy customers with various types and smart cars. It will build 50KM of cars and it will use users with disease, and # 39; build an ecosystem series, strengthening an interactive apportionment, and a & # 39; allowing consumers to take full partnership.

Mr Li Xueyong, general manager of the Jietu Marketing Center, said there would be 40,000 cars in 2018, and the sales target will be for 2019 150,000. Jetway starts kicking. Initially, the "Travel +" strategy of Jietu has been updated from 1.0 to 2.0, adding to the "Travel +" arrangement and the special rights of the ecosystem value-added users . The second is Jietu Smart New Retail 1.0 Upgrade 2.0, which completes its & # 39; A comprehensive sales broadcast on online and online AI information, managed by large data to develop knowledge of products and products.

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