Jim Carrey at Vulture Fest: Convener Donald Trump as "Melanoma"


2:37 PM PST 11/18/2018


Jean Bentley

"You can not be bipartisans with crime," said the star "Kidding" about his political artwork and tweets that were started.

"It's a melanoma in Trump," said Jim Carrey Sunday in a panel; discusses his artistic and political activity.

The debut artist was challenged by President Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and other Republican politicians during a conversation at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles, and also made the assistant as a focal point for his latest political design – a picture of the Great Senator CEO Mitch McConnell as a turtle ("which is unfortunately really unsafe," said Carrey) with a blue wave & 39; an accident behind him.

Carrey said he was "very dangerous, a danger to home security. And now it's a bad hand to come out two days ago and want bipartisanship." He said, "There are no people who can deal with them. You can not be biparticans with a crime. A rapist must be taken away, without being resolved by. These people have a & # 39; affecting our system, they spoil it right on the front. … This poor Republican partnership was … These people have to be removed from our system because they are bad to us. It's a melanoma that is in Trump, and anyone who covers it, including Sarah Sanders, is adding to it. He & # 39; show that there is a deeper problem in this country, and it's a problem. "

Amongst the other comments, the statement was broken by Carrey after the death of Aretha Franklin: "The day of death Aretha Franklin cried out that someone was so beautiful and surprisingly aware and that someone who had done so much needed to raise the spirit of their eyes This is a real world. It's a really bad right. It should not happen. I can not stand on it. I can not take it. "

Talk against her & # 39; Christianity, Carrey said, "I think they're going to get out once and for everything that has not been a Christian idle in moral terms, he has been about maintaining up to power and morality to do so. "

Out of his wish for President Beto O & Rourke / Kamala Harris ticket, Carrey said: "I think it's brilliant, I think that it was an amazing person, and I would like to vote in this decade for a lesser person. "(For registration, he believes that Hillary Clinton The president is good, however, "I believe she knows what she is doing but that it's difficult and losing votes.)

In addition to those who put it, he included Carrey through a number of his other photographs one of Mike Pence ("It's really true of truth"), one of them Donald Trump Jesus was crucified ("I was thinking of all … an authentic word he said elsewhere in the cross of Jesus"), a Halloween illustration of Donald Trump as cyclops ("My right is to be a cyclops, he sees it [one dimension] – what can I see, what can I do? "), former CEO of EPA Scott Pruitt ("It's a vampire and that's all"), and Rudy Giuliani ("A guy that is not enough enough to protect the bottom teeth." It is the mouth of all administration in a short time).

He also talked about the painting of Colin Kaepernick who praised Nike to support the former football player. "I wanted to stimulate a good activity," explained Carrey, saying that he did not mean he was in a position; means to support Nike business practices. "We need to encourage wellbeing, that is how we get better."

He continued, "The African-American community has a fascinating community in the face of this hot man. They are not credible. I do not know how they did not let this country go down."

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