Jim Ross talks about having a & # 39; attacking everything that has fought back, the size of his friendship with Tony Khan


Jim Ross talked about the new All Elite Wrestling reports and facts about his latest program Jim Ross Report podcast, saying he does not know what is in the future.

Ross has been tied to the All Elite Wrestling promotion since October, when he was said to have been involved in the new company Chris Jericho and Barry Bloom. Later recently, Ross's name was in a report by Rajah.com who said that Ross would work with AEW in air and back office. On his show, Ross reported reports about his WWE contract; run in the spring, but said that there was no place in the case in the # 39; case in the future: (transcript through Fightful.com)

"My name was covered around because my WWE contract is coming to an end in March. What if yes? I do not know what I'm going to do. No responsibility on the BBC for the other websites. I'm more concerned about signing my 67th birthday this week. I do not know & # 39 : what's in the future. Not what I'm worrying about. There are many things about things that I can not control. I do not I'm going to have a lot of time involved in drama and I will add my skin to the game in something that I can not control or influence. "

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Ross went on to say that he has previously received support from the financial supporter / President of the AEW Tony Khan, but it was good before the All Elite proposal was put forward. He said he had been meeting with Khan in Long Beach during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling's final event there, and said they had some luck and they were doing. talk to waulking, but they saw each other passing at All In.

JR also praised Khan, saying he was "very beautiful." Very interesting. Very detailed. Information is very well-preserved and well-prepared, but it's huge and has a distinctive insight into waulking. "

The full story of the Jim Ross Report can be heard below:

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