Jimena Barón, Mery el Cerro, Sol Pérez and Julián Serrano together with Sofi Morandi, are convicted in Bailando 2018


There were lots of feelings, tears and a fantastic style that each crew had on track 2018 Dance for the tax rhythm. But some of the low scores left a number of partners on the line.

After knowing the secret vote Angelo de Brito and after that Marcelo Tinelli It should be noted that there are 23 points of the lowest score to spend the trip, Julián Serrano and Sofi Morandi, The Mery del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei, The Sol Pérez and Damián García, and Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza, they were in favor of a telephone vote (or a health in the duel), and the product will be notified next Monday.

Which next couple will be away 2018 Dance?

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