Jimena Baron named who she loved her life


Nowadays, Jimena Baron she is extremely bad at her dancer, Mauro Caiazza and although he had separated from the playwright Daniel OsvaldoIt was a good time for him Matías Tassín, the old man Nicole Neumann, went through his arms Juan Martín del Potro and he made a little while Rodrigo Romero, principal El Potro, her actress recognized that his son Morrison was the father to date, his life.

"So far my love was my father's father, indeed. The person with whom I decided to have a child. I was very, very big, in love", Jimena recognizes Onwards.

"Would I feel like that for another one again? No, it's not until now"He later said.

After that, Jimena commented on her relationship with Caiazza: Is it ready to connect Dance? "That can always happen. And I'm doing so badly that I have a very clear idea that it might happen. I would like everyone to get some credit in this one because I'm very happy. I am in love"He decided.

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