Jimena's son wants a little brother


11/26/2018 – –

Encouraged by Marcelo Tinelli on the dance floor, Mauro Caiazza officially asked Jimena Baron, his companion in the # 39; the competition, to become his lover. Then Momo came, the son of his actress with her, Daniel Osvaldo football player, with her opinion with her mother's lover in a car trip. "Ask him if he wants your marriage," Momo suggested and the dancer responded to a question. "Do not you think it's a bit quick?" Momo said: How fast?

Mauro explained: "We came together for a fortnight, why would it be good for us to marry?" He said and Momo had the opportunity to show the real reason: "I want to have a little brother." Mama cares for the child and we are the child. "

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