Jimmy Chipolata, a psychologist on four


This little dachshund has been a star at the Nottingham University of Trent, UK, where it helps students to guide their stress and set your worries.

"Given that Jimmy is here, young people who were usually absent or silent because they are uncomfortable and struggling to become much more sociable.Debra Easter, head of the Department of Work at the University of Nottingham Trent, says that his little male dachshund, Jimmy Chipolata, is doing well for the students, and has been officially appointed as dog "cure", it's a go on to campus and Sheep and cuddles will have an interesting help to students whose degree, examination or job is to emphasize.

"Cynotherapy can communicate with reinstatement"

Jimmy is the first dog who holds this position at university. He received appropriate training, and his status as "cure dog" is officially recognized. "Cynotherapy [la thérapie par les chiens, ndlr] help restart associated communication, re-assume self-confidence. Cure is needed, but often not enough. For some patients, those activities provide a well-being that they can not find elsewhere"In 2017, Dr. Julie Cormier explained to us that dogs also help to move intellectual abilities.

As a part-time full-time member of staff, Jimmy could develop the results for the "receiving" students. He often visits the campus to meet them, sometimes to; carrying some fire and a doctor. The dachshund would take his job very badly. "If you do not care for it, it's hard or angry"Even for Jimmy, who was too heavy, this new job is a life saver." From to & # 39; taking up the job, he has been cleaned and found a simple shadow of jigsaw. Because he holds good practice: Jimmy is paid for cheese, and may be converted to abuse her …

"Mental illness: When dogs help save" Subject released 19 October 2017.

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