– Jiraphong Meena, a request for a national team.


Monday, November 26, 2018, 09.09

Jiraphong Mina asked to go to the national team.

The movement of Thai users is preparing for the 19th ASEAN University Games in Naypyidaw Myanmar Last December 10-19, the latest on November 26th. Sports University Board at the University of Thailand Identifies the list of 17 sports athletes who totaled 284 in total.

National teammakers of Thailand have a wide variety of sports, men's football and athletics, Art / Emiko, Gold Snow, Saowanee Gu Eum / Tennis-board, Suthasinee Satcharaporn and Chihin Napoli

The "athlete" is a "FURTHER" step in the athlete, holding a silver coin, jumping, the athlete's Asian Games, the Krissada Suwan 1 teams in the latest 4, 4×100 meters from the Asian Asian Games and also the "Milwaukee" Jiraphong . National gold medal base medal of Thailand. To return to the field on the international show that first appears after & # 39; ban from the Thailand Athletics Association.

"Milwaukee" Jiraphongmina, Thai national team winter. Out for that. Welcome to return to the international team again after its # 39; society to be punished. I do not play in the national team for a long time. And just lasting the month. October I started using it. And to crack a bit of rust. The 46th national athletics event was held and is still in the revival and wellbeing. Although the penalty is continuous. I did not go to cereals, so I do not know what ability it is; and the ability to return to the level.

It's been a long time since I left. And at this time, he went to the International Coat of Arms Association coaches. He is learning new ways. Especially about sports science that we do not know. Run the running and other ways of trying to learn a lot to improve their pace. My own ability I was aiming to do a good time of 100m in less than 10.3 seconds in sports sport at the University of Thailand. Ubon Ratchathani Ubon Ratchathani next year. To try to return the national team to the team again. There are big competitions such as waiting for the Asian Championship. Including the Philippines in the "

At the same time, Maj. Gen. Surapong Ariyamongkol, Secretary General of the Thailand Athletics Association. The Chiraphong Manna Buddha Case, last year. You have a bad impact The intention to run away from the camp at the Thai national team in Tathamasat Time Thammasat with its behavior is good for a good athlete. I have to punish them out of their camp. The latest news has shown that such situations are eliminated. With a good athlete. And their chance to prove themselves to be part of Thai national athletics. When the Society has considered. I want to allow the athlete to be a good person again. I have a reputation for the country. But I have to win the 100 and 400 meters with the best statistics. You can not exceed 10.3 seconds, if it can visit a national team camp. If you're not done I do not remember it back.

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