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Original title: Jiyou Bank Shenzhen Branch, Allianz Insurance Holdings Agreed Accounts Commission to increase the opening up

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The process of opening up a banking business to the outside world gradually accelerates.

Recently, the Hong Kong Jiyou Bank Co., China Security Commission agreed to establish Shenzhen Eir Meur and Germany Allianz Insurance Agency to establish Allianz (China) Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd. Among them, Allianz (China) Company Holds Insurance, Ltd. Be the first foreign investment company from China.

Reporter "Daily Economic News" commented that Fubon Huayi Bank Co., Ltd founded Chongqing Jewelry, ICBC Ansheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd. to establish the ICBC and respond to the Asset Management Assets, Ltd. And Dahan Reinsurance Company to establish a branch Following the approval of 10 market access requests, the Banking Regulation Commission added a further step to implement a number of open-ended measures in the banking industry.

Allianz (China) Holdings Insurance is China's first foreign insurance asset company

The two locations agreed by the Banking Regulation Commission have a long history. According to public information, Jiyou Bank was established by Mr Chen Jiageng, a Chinese nationalist abroad. It was officially opened in Hong Kong on July 15, 1947 and became the 39th licensing bank in Hong Kong. Germany Allianz was set up in Germany in 1890 and has a chief in Munich. With over 125 years of history, the largest insurance company is the world; there. One of the group management groups with the agency.

However, the two businesses agreed for this institution are different. According to the Chinese Government's Administration of Banks Administration funded by the Far East (Order No. 657 of the State Council, hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") and the "Implementation Procedures for Administration Licensing of Chinese Chinese Banking Management Bodies "(CBRC No. 3 of 2018, hereinafter referred to as" Implementation Measures "The provisions are relevant in" "), the Chinese Insurance Administration Commission agrees to Ji's Bank to make a branch To establish Shenzhen, and ask for her & # 39; bank to go to the local bank insurance officer and their governing body to receive the opening application form within 15 days of the date they received this agreement and make the lottery in Shenzhen according to appropriate regulations. Prepare for work.

During the preparation period, Jiyou Bank's founder "Shenzhen Branch Branch of Jiyou Bank Co., Ltd.", Name the preparatory body responsible for preparing its project, and report on the list of responsible people from preparatory group to local bank insurance and administrative center management. The preparation agency, the management and supervision of a local bank insurance and administrative center, can be carried out and not; engage in business financial activity. The preparation team was circulated at the end of the training period. After completing the preparatory work, the application for the opening of its business will be submitted to the local bank insurance directorate and an administrative center in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and the Implementation Measures.

At the same time, the Chinese Insurance Administration Commission agrees to establish All Insurance Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd. With Allianz Insurance Agency of Germany. The Banking Regulation Commission said "the company should arrange a preparatory group in the preparation period." Their preparation group will complete the preparation work within a year from the date of receipt of this agreement, and will not get involved in any business during the preparation time. Change the main sponsor, the convened chairman and the general manager who is going to; praised. In addition, the preparation agency will be able to; handle the preparation foundations in a format in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and report the relevant information in the preparation process to the Banking Management Commission in a timely manner. After preparing the preparation, its preparation group will report the request for opening in time. Following the adoption of the Yin Insurance Administration Commission and its business opening agreement, company listing business and business department.

It is worth noting that if Allianz (China) Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd. is well established, this is the first largest foreign-owned company from China. According to business experts, Allison Insurance Group has more rights in China and a wider range of businesses. The establishment of its organization can co-ordinate the development of these businesses. Your agency might not be active. doing business directly, but the structure is above the sub-business, so it may not be restricted by its justice ratio.

A banking insurance business is opening up to the outside world

Reporter "Daily Economy News" commented that President Xi Jinping stressed the Boao Forum's annual meeting for Asia 2018 to ensure that China is still developing and operating. Opening and announcing a series of major new steps for opening to the outside world, the Chinese Insurance Administration Commission is active. Use a banking industry insurance industry to open up again to the outside world. Fubon Huayi Bank Co., Ltd. Completed 10 market entry applications for Chongqing Branch, ICBC AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. to establish ICBC and respond to an Asset Management Co-ordinator, and the Dahan Reinsurance Company.

"Putting the spirit of the Labor Party Committee and the State Council forward, the Chinese Security Administration Commission has reduced the opening of the banking industry and the insurance industry. a series of measures for launching the open world was launched, and a number of opening steps have been encouraged as quickly as possible. " Chen Wenhui, former chairman of the Chinese Assurance Administration Commission, said in 2018 "Tsinghua Wudaokou Global Financial Forum" 2018, it is essential and impossible to open up the Chinese banking industry and the insurance industry from the perspective of internal and environmental energies outdoors

From an inspirational perspective within the organization, the banking industry and the insurance industry need to expand the opening, improve the efficiency of financial resources allocation, and deliver better service to the economy. The expansion of the financing will help open the world to make good use of domestic and overseas facilities and two markets, it will add better financial services to foreign financing centers, and # 39 ; achieving "external promotion", and the best to distribute and update larger-scale financial resources. Effective financial services.

From the external perspective of the environment, China's economic resilience and "expanding" economic development from China's financing centers requires a consistent internal and external financial system to establish fair, open and transparent market regulations. Chen Wenhui said the Chinese financial industry is favorable for opening up. At this time, banking and insurance companies have strong strengths, and the right to create and speak international financial rules has gradually increased, and the insurance capacity of the bank industry's insurance industry is recognized -eadar-national.

The Chinese Insurance Administration Commission said the next step, according to the talk by President Xi Jinping on "First Exports International Import Import" Access to Market " The Bank Insurance Commission's Commission will be able to; Continually expanding the outside world due to continuous development of risk and management barriers. There is a new chapter in an open financial industry for the outside world.Return to Sohu and see more

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