Jobs in Saudi Arabia Administration and health jobs at Dallah Hospital


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Vacancies for administration and health at Dallah hospital, announcing the citizen's newspaper site Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Dallah Hospital administrative and health jobs

Citizen – Khalid Al Ahmad

Dallah Hospital, through his website, names that administrative, technical and health jobs are available for Saudis and non-Saudis for post-graduate diploma, diploma and degree practitioners in a number of specialists for work in the hospital branches in Riyadh.

The company identified that the activities are available in the name:

Post-biological technology.

Post-Energy Power Technology.

Post-Disease Control Specialist.


The company explained that the request is available through the hospital's residency site, and # 39; starting from the date of 18 November 2018.

She advised that you need to know and know about the situations that may be advertising, click on the # 39; link as follows:Here)


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Source: Citizens' newspaper

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