Joey Logano is the edge of the NASCAR title race


HOMESTEAD, Fla. – NASCAR will be crowned & # 39; potential at the 2018 Cup Sunday, Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and, as the four broadcaster drivers agree to; going into the weekend, with their own speed, Ford EcoBoost 400 – instead of being the highest among themselves.

Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch or Martin Truex Jr. – the third THREE NASCAR at this season for their influence – they won the second prize at the Series; Tap, and Joey Logano will not be the last to pick up her; first one.

"Right from the truck, the cars are swagger and the speed in their cars and their confidence in their voice and way of life in Harvick and Busch," said Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skip to contentSouth Westerly

It has been broadcasting half of the 36-clan season, and Fordota's rapid speed is. 4 and Toyota No. 18 Toyota.

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"There is a right Truex there with them, and Logano needs to steal that from those people in a way, however," said Earnhardt. offers Harvick and Busch the best choice for winning the title (both 9/4), which is not surprising with the two fastest overall characters this season. They have all their eight winners to date and come together to be over 34 per cent of the year's total laps.

Truex's third best choice (11/4), and Logano – who has said he liked his favorite favorites since he first received a certificate for the event a few weeks – the fourth (7/2).

"Logano could just be out of reach," said Earnhardt, "He had a very good grasp today (Friday) which seemed to be just there in the middle of his ; battle. "

The first year broadcaster – to end his career at the NASCAR Cup Series at Homestead for years ago – think Logano and the Ford Number 22 team could have an essential benefit over the rest.

(Photograph AP / Lynne Sladky)

"On the roadside, Logan is at the edge," continued the young man. "As far as his crew, I think they are faster and steady and consistent, and so it will be helpful to him. And every part of that night must be able to bring those people. "

However, this benefit can only be when the emergence of the emergency; stop. Each team team leader, Number 22 "48% Todd Gordon Reserved Service on Green Flag Crews has been tied to the worst of all-time clan chiefs."

But Edmund also said that he was seeing Truex's mechanisms in action. The Toyota No. 78 team completed its final Saturday session on Saturday in Logan's second back.

"Truex showed a little faster than I was thinking about behavior and so it gives some confidence to the chance and win the chance, "said Earnhardt.

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