John Mayer appears & # 39; third nipple at the live conversation show


John Mayer published his third nipple when he was on Instagram Live show chat on Sunday afternoon.

The collision has recently been replaced by new light & launched the 45-minute talk, Current Mood with John Mayer, on his social media account, and Cohen's host, 50, with the watchman & # 39; Watch What Happens Live, 50 Mar May Week.

John Mayer shows his third nipple. Picture / YouTube
John Mayer shows his third nipple. Picture / YouTube

However, the two were debuted by the singer's "third nipple" and how it differs from the two normal ones.

Talk to & # 39; Current Mood, said Mayer, 41, saying: "I have three nipples. This is Mood right now."

Cohen quickly answered: "No, this is a special world!"

The "New Light" was listed above and raised up his shirt to show what he had made on "supernumerary nipple".

While he was & # 39; Speaking of his third nipple, Cohen out: "This is a kind of thing."

Mayer said: "I've been the worst doctor ever! I've seen something with you with a medical name and you're going," and probably! "

Cohen said: "I do not have a doctor, obviously, but is it a miller of a kind?"

Mayer's name – published his recent 2019 single-year tour with a second man with Dead & Company – said he had three nice tips "not aware".

Cohen said: "Are you feeling on the edge like someone with a third nipple? I'm feeling it would be so hard."

Mayer – formerly named Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston – replied: "I'm really good to do, but there are some people. I'm lucky. I'm good to & # 39; make three nipper. "

Cohen asked: "Is the third nipple aware?"

Mayer said: "No, but not my first and either either."

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