Johnny Depp: Amber Heard took full advantage of me


She says that the law has $ 44 million. Photo: AP

At the beginning of March he submitted a case in which Heard says a compensation of 44 million euros. The well near the star said that this relationship cannot be compared with any of the previous ones, and that he regrets having fallen in love with her.

"He hopes this law will bring some relief, because he feels as if it has never been in a relationship much like the profession and the private sector" t which says that Depp feels that Amber is genuinely true to all the complaints.

In May 2016, Heard moved in to prohibit a tree ban, saying Depp had abused her. The droplet was over the edge of the article by Heard in December 2018, published in the Washington Post newspaper, with the name: “I was talking about sexual abuse and I was locking on the embarrassment of our culture. This needs to change. "

It corrects the public image

Depp lawyers argue that Heard's abuse story in 2016 was designed to attract media attention and in this way launched his post. Now Depp tries to do everything he is power to rectify his image, particularly as a result of the scandal, and hopes he can do it right in relation to this legal situation, so fans and filmmakers will find that no one has made Heard's name out of the monster.

Depp and Heard met in 2011 when filming a film Book of the Daily Diaryshortly after that, they spelled a beast between them, which was also blamed for the 14-year Depp connection with a French actor and singer. t Vanesso Paradisin which two children were born. t She was heard at a time when she met Deppa in a long-standing relationship with the Hawaiian artist and photographer Tasyo van Ree.

A Hollywood celebrity had to kneel down twice before Heard, because she gave time to think for the first time, but she agreed. In 2014, her ring was high promises, and a year later they walked to the altar. Their final separation was in August 2016, and the player was "lighter" for seven million dollars.

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