Johnson and Johnson were familiar for decades called back their talcum


<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), one of the world's leading companies in the department of medical and personal care materials, in a bad problem after that Reuters will publish He knew during the decades that asbestos had at least his baby's powder, which was considered carcinogenic. "data-reactid =" 11 "> Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), one of the leading medicine and medicine companies of personal care materials, was in a serious problem after Reuters announced that he had been known for occasional decades of asbestos in his powdered infant, which is considered carcinogenic.

The information causes J & J actions to enter into a stock market, with 10% meaning, translated into cash and sound; Expects that the stock market value of its company has fallen by 45,000 million dollars.

Johnson & Johnson are dealing with multi-million dollar bids for a & # 39; see asbestos in the talc, which is & # 39; considered carcinogenic. In the photograph, a talcum boy from the company. Photograph: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images.

Bloomberg's legal analysis analyzes Aude Gerspacher and Holly Froum; make sure that its company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, could be paid between $ 10,000 billion and $ 20,000 million for around 11,000 cases of talk that are being incurred; wait.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "The medicine giant is already & nbsp;convicted in February 2018 to pay 4.96 billion dollars to 22 women and their families They made out that the company had a & # 39; sold their asbestos agents and caused cancer. That assumption was the last result of a series of thousands of lawyers that were opposed to J & J.. After the breakdown of the news, the stock dropped that day to 11%. & Nbsp;"data-reactid =" 25 ">The medicine giant was already convicted in February 2018 to pay 226 billion dollars to 22 women and their families who said the money was sold by the company on asbestos and cancer . The idea is that the latest result of a series of thousands of lawyers opposed to J & J.. After receiving news, the current divisions fell to 11% .

There is a mineral fiber that is widely used commercially, such as asbestos is banned in many of the late 90's for its toxic and to be able to carcinogenic.

Incredible punishment

For many analysts, the guy that its company has a & # 39; doing today at the New York Stock Exchange makes it foolish since this is not the first time there is evidence; revealed that J & J knew how often the asbestos was in the talc.

"JNJ has been looking at a legal / asbestos campaign for years," said Tom Claps, a legal researcher at Susquehanna, who brought back that there were a number of legal laws where the candidates were entitled; shows evidence that the company knew and was there; hiding the dangers. "It's interesting," he said, "J & J's actions have been more affected today than the $ 4.7 billion decision."

Bloomberg's news in September 2017 announced that public records of a lawsuit showed that J & J had been familiar with decimals that talcum materials have asbestos timber products and that This knowledge causes ovarian cancer.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "An article prepared by Bloomberg and AFP."data-reactid =" 31 ">An article prepared by Bloomberg and AFP.

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