Johnson & Johnson attacked to see asbestos in their baby talc


Johnson & Johnson company denied an news report saying that her & The company for decades showed that there were asbestos symptoms in the talcum for babies

The report published by the Reuters journalist published on Friday that a stock of its company would be a " sunk, and his company suffered the worst stock auction in 16 years.

Reuters said documents that were circulated as part of a lawsuit that argues that the product may be associated with ovarian cancer.

The New Jersey company has been disturbing such complaints in court, and on Friday he sent a referee to the Reuters report "Tendentious, false and inflammatory".

Leave the bag

Parts with more than 9% fell, the strongest decline since 2002.

In his report, Reuters says there are documents that show that the jobs that have been hired for counseling were found as an asbestos in J & J Talc from 1957 and 1958.

Company reports and external laboratories have received results like this until the early 2000s.

Johnson & Johnson commented on that Friday "Thousands of independent examinations are carried out by the most important regulators and laboratories in the world have shown that our child's powder has never returned".

Despite what was said by her & # 39; company, currently company is & # 39; dealing with more than 10 weak miles, mostly for a case of ovarian cancer.

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