Joker – A balloon appears in a burial ground on a new picture of the film!


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Le Cristiano Rantin → Any movie of Joker le Joaquin Phoenix still filming in New York. The actor has already seen himself playing a clown-clown; Fears scare the platform and run away from the police, but this time the new image is a & # 39; shows Batman's great enemy in a burial ground.

Here we see Phoenix with red suit, no representation or more detailed or simple information, just passing the set on the cold, and # 39; looking at a grave stack and holding a screen. In another image, we see two old nobles beside the newly excavated grave.

The official shortcut of the film says:

"Joker is based on the tragedy enemy and is an original and independent film that has never been seen on the big screen before. The Phillips version for Art Fleck (Phoenix) has thrown a man from society and not only that it's dark character, but also a broad story. "

Well: just Jared

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