Joker: The winner … has won all his store and nobody believes it!


"Today I am winning all over the world because I caught the joker"! That's what he said and … one of the great winners at his / her; Last push back, but nobody believed!

And how are you different because they do not … to meet every day someone with life has changed completely.

He was telling … the joker's truth!

The enthusiasm of this person, The news he won half a million euros and the contracts they did not confirm any of the shop visitors where the Joker player was.

Yes, to be aware, he just discovered that one of the eight winners he won EUR 538.011 At the haul on Thursday, 7 February.

Also … Sterea Hellas's relatives were also incredible. And they even started a & # 39; fought at the "junkie" – as they believed – Joker player. ««No, not the person you won, because I won it"He responded, laughing at one of his friends.

The fact is, however, that the one who challenged him, was a fortunate pocket 5 + 1, who gave him half a million euros!

Kind lucky!

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