Jon Gruden, the interaction of climber Derek Carr


Before Oakland Raiders caught him, they lost, and then they got back in their 23-21 drama fashion victory on the Arizona Cardinals, a varied melodrama that was a & # 39 ; Looking to play out on & # 39; side of Oakland.

CBS cameras have been captured by Raiders coach Jon Gruden and Derek Carr who have been able to retrieve them. Get involved in changing conversations across broadcast media, & # 39; including a man who was made after Criminal Car was punished for trying to return back.

According to one report, Gruden was pulled back by the sharp head of Lee Smith in one operation with Carr, although Smith said that "everything was good in sport," all

However, after their impact, both coaches and the game dropped the events, dragging them up to a problematic problem solving.

"That's the first time you saw it, not the first time it happened," said Gruden to reporters. "We're both competitors, we compete it hard. There was a person's situation, he went into the big play, and we had a middle disagreement. But you know what that is ? There are times taken in Australia if it is not said. We are also very supportive of each other. I'm very proud of it. It has been going through this year, and I'm glad he's back. "

"We both comment on the same sort of things, a kind of agreement," said Carr. "It's not the first time this is. I'm sure this is the last time. Everything is good, I promise."

Carriders enjoyed an afternoon of walkers before the Raiders driving campaign. A beautiful two-movement licensing quartile threw, but he took four bags (two thirds) and tried to expand drivers. It finished with 192 yards and it was around 6.2 yards every effort.

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