Jonas: "I'm pretty sure I'll finish my job here" – Benfica


Jonas got the news best game prize in the Gala Cosme Damião in tears, and they finally admitted that they were “very honest and happy”. "
“I have to thank all the Benfica staff, my companions who are with me on a day-to-day basis, I am going home happily, I couldn't be happy. I will never forget, 'said the strike.

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The Brazilians only think of retrieving the title – “there are eight games left, two months of competition and we focus on this big goal” – and ultimately they ended off. he has questions about the future. "I want to see the end of the season and what I am currently looking to win the competition," he said, making sure that it was very physical.

Is Jonas still thinking about going to a different club? "That will be sad, I'm sure I'm going to finish my job here."

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