Jonas Nainys – The reasons that go out of the television and the sad time after "The Radists": He shook me from the ground


“It shook me from the bottom and it made me think. People are always keen that the drink is consumed, so that all is good to invite the projects to. Sometimes they come to sleep on nobles as you think everything will be fine. And this is the day Rolandai, you have done on TV, you, Jonuk, going elsewhere, ”said“ John ”in LNG at LN in LNK.

Iain has been known to Lithuania for many years. Iain has said that once he has embarked on his journey long, while he was still involved in the Ideal Couple TV exhibition. And for a long time, John worked with Roland on a radio station. The two speakers came as the most popular radio voice.

Soon, although quite different, they started on television.

John Nainys

John Nainys

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“If we were to stay ether, I was in a few minutes of me. I had to focus, think and then think, and where Roland was away, he didn't. And Roland, who was a great many people around him, tells of the fun. I was asking why he wasn't scared of ether directly, and he replied that he was relaxing to tell stories, ”said John Nainys.

John and Roland collaborated effectively with each other, and they were always successful. Although John is open, everything has been around for ten years. He remembers when he and Roland were required to organize one of the first Radist festivals. After that, he needed a lot of money, but a lot of money from his pocket. And another close friend who was going to try to cope with money and organize everything that he didn't do his job with. The Fèis only saw the light in the night through the gruel.

“Our partner has been issued so that he has not paid the monies agreed. I didn't know what to do, I eventually gave the money to make it happen. When we made the festival we all wrote paper, we were in the biggest. It was very difficult, John says.

Jonas Nainys - The reasons that go out of the television and the sad time after "The Radists": He shook me from the ground

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John also says that it is very paradoxical, but the festival was very good and nobody understood how difficult it was for John and Roland.

Next year the Radists gave their jobs to professionals, and their people only grew.

“When we started on Radist by Roland, and then working on a radio station, many other projects started, television. It appeared that everything was easy, not just from professionalism, but because we wanted it. Then it is very fun, very happy. You think this would continue. But it was always I had come home and I thought it could come to an end, ”said Nainys.

One day, the TV contract came to an end, the radio stopped.

Obviously, when something that has grown in my life has been broken, it all stems from the bottom.

“To me, Roland is my brother, we have always been together. At night, our people are not asking about our wives, but as Roland does, or Roland – how John does. Roland stayed on television, and I stayed on board and needed a lot of effort and time again. I thought it wouldn't be cool if I hadn't offered anything more to someone. The same was true when the Radists were released. After that he wasn't finished, but after that you fell asleep, ”said John.

Iain doesn't hide that he has had to think a lot about everything.

“I think the best thing is when something goes wrong or comes up. Feeling good is not good. I can now thank him and kiss my hand so that I may take the “voice of Lithuania” because I was only at the time when Roland said he was alone, but then said to me on another machine, "said Nainys."

Jonas Nainys - The reasons that go out of the television and the sad time after "The Radists": He shook me from the ground

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Ian began attending oratorio courses and piano lessons as well as breathing lessons and a big change took place at the same time. John's wife, Simon, also needed the knowledge gained when researching.

Simona says that she had a lot of work and activities at the same time. Simona admitted that she was very aware of everything.

"John will not be flying, he's so loud, it doesn't do much damage after the festival failed. I'd been furious and walked green. I am a very spiritual person, a compulsory person, and the rest is pretty serious." I'm very honest, I don't let myself rest and I destroy myself. Last summer, I had 20 brides in three months, ”Simon said.

The woman also says that she began to change again.

Simona Nain, Jonas Nainys

Simona Nain, Jonas Nainys

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“I have five symbols and I will give them names. have got mom, who keeps the member, ”Simon.

“I don't do things that I don't need now. That route is not so good. When you forget and marry, people start shouting. I live and try to learn more. I know what I like, what values ​​I have, ”John says.

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