Jonas Valanciunas from Raptors Toronto will miss at least four weeks after a thumbnail


Jonas Valanciunas lost a Toronto Raptors center at least four weeks after doing a surgery on his left-wing, published by the team on Thursday.

The surgery was carried out at the Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, with Dr. Jeffrey Yao, specialist in hand and hand surgery and bend.

  • After the Raptors swept the season row from the Wednesday Warriors, Kevin Durant stressed not just a forthcoming young team. "They are here," he said.

Discussions are in a four-week allowance, and then its status will be re-evaluated.

The wound was made in the second quarter of Wednesday's victory over Golden State Warriors. Valanciunas was running Draymond Green when he turned to move, Green Green down at his & # 39; wall and hit his hand.

The backdrop fell straight to the ground in an emergency, and rose up to her; holding her hand as long as it was a pain. A trainee spent a time working on the mountain before he took the center into a catching house.

Valanciunas allows 12.8 points and 7.2 a chance to recycle each game for the Raptors, with the best NBA record at 23-7.

ESPN's Tim Bontemps added this report.

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