Jonestown souvenirs were held on the 40th anniversary


The ceremonies at a burial ground in California marked the damage and massive 40 years ago of 900 Americans set up by the Rev. Jim Jones is a settlement in Guyana, South America.

The remains of over 400 victims of Jonestown are buried at the Evergreen Churchyard in Oakland.

Jones, the massive son of Jim Jones Jr. and other members of Temple Peoples serving Sunday service at granite stones with 918 names that were all killed in Guyana on November 18, 1978.

Minister Jynon Norwood, who lost 27 relatives, with a memorable memorial has been awarded to honor over 300 children and other victims. She left Jones's name and what she says helps her.

The two memoirs of Leo Ryan, a California counterpart, three journalists and church effects killed by temple gunmen on an airfield.

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