Jordan Peterson in Ljubljana: "You decide!"


Anyone who was currently passing an Economic Exhibition Center could think that students or fans of a recreational nature were gathered. Amongst the majority of two thousand miles, the young men were more important. But everyone was waiting for a university professor in psychology who does not talk about life as joy or pleasure or even sport, but on his / her. In contrast, life is suffering, but it needs to be meaningful.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical expert, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, who has received a reputation with a talk at YouTube, where he received a multi-million dollar audience. When his second book was published at the beginning of the year 12 life rules: antidote for chaos, he became an international identity. Even with us. This time he was on a European tour, and when he arrived in Ljubljana, he traveled to a land that was once in the iron court, as he said at the beginning. This truth was seen in the morning when the guests, the publisher published Družina, made his book with different concrete markets.

Peterson told the audience what he was thinking about the past few years. He was thinking of integrity, left and right systems, and within them, above all, the reasons why people are ready to make the hardest words. Many commented on Solzhenitsyn, which inspired him.

Peterson's spectators are also in Slovenia, especially the youngest.
Photograph by Jure Erzen

It is the fact that Peterson's pain is not denied. Even all religious beliefs have been causing the suffering as a basic truth, he said, and this is the source for him to do; explain the world. There are two things: suffering and evil. And what will he do after his health? A variety of courage and truth. This is the recital of the religious belief that people work as moral ethics. You will grow up and & # 39; coincide with the truth that is around you. You know that there are heavy options waiting for you, you can go & # 39; Gathering a summary or a difficult way and you decide. We do everything based on moral decisions. It is possible, he gave the Peterson population to deal with the world despite being able to do so. suffer and do something good. "You're coming to a decision!" He turned the depressing view of the person's duty and praised that people would Find out the nobles and the power to suffer suffering without breaking themselves.

Peterson also responded to audience questions, which were raised in a speech on a specific application.

Let's talk to people who are confident about the theory of the radical left. Peterson was just: for example, for example. "As you talk to a set of ideas at present, it's hard to prove them because they do not listen. You want to show your life."
Often people do not reach their & # 39; point because they are not struggling, he said. The curator also does not give advice, but helps them to find out. "Everything that the humanity has accomplished in the past has gone out, but it will not come out if you do not strive. You look in the mirror in the morning and say: I bring this burden, and that's the first. "

He asked if he should move with the Slovene philosophy, Slavoj Žižek (which meant that Canada's authorization was very popular to a left-wing town), it was immediately "organized and come". The listeners were enthusiastic. In the question of why nostalgia for communism is widely distributed in countries after its death; he said: "When we do not take responsibility for a new form, let's do something to do and do, we want to hear and we want to be sorry for the last time".

Here, he named the self-created program that he started with his students and in which you are planning your future life. "If you look at a target, you have more opportunities to hit." When asked about the person's position in the 21st century, he said: "This is a profession to revenge. Better than better, no better. You must respect you! Gentlemen will not get to know what their job is. Solving problems! You must have a reason, an awareness of going on! "

As everywhere said in the comedy of the exhibition center, Peterson's power just has an unprecedented conversation. He talks about things that are sensitive, but they have to talk about it, said Uroš by Vrhnika. Sebastijan de Kranj, who was a & # 39; Waiting for the ticket just before the entrance door into the hall, a fascinating Canadian professor with the dissertation that the person needed to be improved.

Maya from Ljubljana, who also runs a quality center of relationships with her husband, Petersen also uses professional life. "Things that say they make sense. They can explain each one in their own way, but not always in the first test, they must be investigated." Critics are travel to Peterson to see themselves as fear, fear, because we do not want to change or accept something. Zdenko à Smlednik added the last chapter of the book, in which the author speaks of her; getting involved in her daughter's illness and finding out the meaning of life; How does a person need to be strong and even get a feeling & # 39; s when it's on everything. Most of the interconnectors had a & # 39; Expect additional strength from the lecture, and be able to trust when it is difficult for them.

Tone Rode, Director of the Publishing House, commented on Peterson's recipe for success as follows: "People who felt they were affecting the inside device. Every book Speaking of happiness, peace, settlement, and suffering, of the truth of the sinner world, in which a man needs to preserve and understand his position. Talk about the meaning of life, how it will make something meaningful for everyday life from each other and to others. "

Rode also finds out that the author is & # 39; Speaking in a language that a modern person can understand, in a short time, to address people who are involved. The publisher had sent to the author two years ago, so translated into Slovene was one of the first translations of the book. The four formats are passing, the fifth at the door, the new author's book will be & # 39; continue this year.

But because Peterson himself had a ball to prepare for a meeting with Zizek, they did not welcome them. "If we were convinced that we were able to have the highest level of debate that is causing us all, it would be a great success," Rode was happy. In the meantime, hundreds of readers with the book were waiting for Peterson's name in hand, Strong debate about hearing it just.

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