Jordan: The Taxation Department is calling for the sale of income and sales taxes


Mubasher: The Department requested Income and Income Taxes, tax credits that have tax credits or taxes only, that the initiative would benefit from the decision of the Ministers' Council to be exempt from taxes.

The decision is to ensure that taxes are free from 100 per cent of the income tax or sales tax, which is paid by the end of the year, the media spokesman said.

Moussa Tarawneh said in a statement announced by the News News "Petra" Group that the decision to include taxable conviction by 50% of the tax credits payable in the & # 39; first quarter of the next year.

The Council of Ministers decided to allow taxpayers paid to pay their first claim already, and they remained only income tax or sales tax, not exceeding 500,000 diners, representing 50% of the value of the taxes if they pay taxes until the end of 2018, 25 per cent of The value of the fees if they pay payment from 1 January 2019 to the end of the period on March 31, 2019.

These freedoms do not include taxes for international reconciliation or State security Court, or they will be decided with each other, as well as their. Commission for Integrity and Corruption of Corruption.

The tax declined if the remainder of 500 thousand diners is made, the exemption will be calculated on 500,000 diners according to the proportions and a part of the total amount.

The Chamber explained that the additional tax arising from the breach set out in Articles 63-64 of the Income Tax Law No. 34 of 2014 was included in taxes. The additional amount that comes from the payment payments is also covered by the legal conclusions of the Council of Ministers regarding the implementation of construction procedures.

Ask the recruited department on all income tax, sales and service sectors across the United Kingdom to benefit from the decision to do so; Exemption from taxes and benefits in accordance with the decision of the Ministers' Council.

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