Jorge Valdivia emphasizes Colo Colo: "We were not so calm in preseason for a while"


During the preseason Jorge Valdivia was a sentence that looked at Colo Colo's side. And this was recognized by its own player in an interview that was agreed with the CDF today. "In the game of the night, I said we needed to confirm." After that game, Pablo (Mouche), Ronald (De la Fuente), (Javier) Parraguez and (Darío) came to Melo., the Magician appeared.

And the 10 thing is better at a 10 albo test: "It's more suited (Gabriel) Costa and the re-appointments (Andrés) Vilches and (Marcos) Bolados. They have changed what Mario (Salas) wants", he said.

However, the Colo Colo preseason games were much predicted: they did not win anyone and people started to scare them. Valdivia answered that one day after her success in Santa Laura. "Tell me that we need to be calm because of our innovative order in the preseason.he said.

However, there is also a case of injuries that, despite her & # 39; The impact of the home of Union, which affects the creation of original Salas. "Imagine … Ronald (De la Fuente), I have a lot of credit, played all his last matches, he came, played a game in the summer and got injured, so It is a long process of change that we need to live ", convicted him.

Valdivia finished trying calmly: "Sometimes you're not looking, but internationally we know we were doing the right thing, yesterday it turned the results".

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