Jorge Valdivia was damaging the first fear of Mario Salas in Colo Colo


According to El Mercurio, the talented booklet would have to give Mario Salas under the Chacique the first uncomfortable because he was not in a position; first day of training.

Jorge Valdivia was integrated with a day of delays to the station's work as a result of the problems he had returned to Chile after spending a new year in Miami.

However, according to its newspaper, from the manuscript two theories are handled. The first is that the "Wizard" reported last week's sports guides that his trip from the United States suffered changes to plans and did not reach 1 January as expected.

The second is that the driver was always aware that he would not be in the first instance on 2 January. "When I bought the tickets, I knew that there would be no travel trip until yesterday (Wednesday)", they would give an idea in the Pedrero.

But bonus track would be there: "Mario Salas was just learning yesterday in the morning that Valdivia did not train, he moved his head from side to side, to be trimmed and burned. We all know what Valdivia is like" says the same Mercury store.

The concrete thing is that the "Wizard" was previously in training with Marcelo Espina. He took hold of himself to the "Commander" and ran down the fields where his companions used.

Background information

"We started, we started" It was the lament that was; on a black and white leader when he learned about the solitude of Valdivia and warns that he has to make a change to what Mario Salas wants, according to his / her publication; Mercury.

The application would not be free, as the benefits enjoyed 10 a & # 39; under Hector Tapia authority.

"As a physician he had always received training, besides that, he was allowed to have a personalized training that helped him a lot … Yes, he had specialized technical messengers who did not I went down well with the team and the leadership. In a lot of work I spent " They provide details of the paper

Today they say that the truth would be quite different, as Mario Salas usually does not give these permissions and their. The same way as the player with more posters than the newly motivated young people. "We've been hired for that style, for that character and have been completed by the players who had a bit of profit" They would keep them from the government to their & # 39; newspaper.

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